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Get to know Sahara Crawlspaces and how we got into the business of keeping you and your family safe with routine care and home maintenance.

You probably never think about what goes on under your home. Why would you? With that space beneath your floor out of sight and out of mind, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole other layer to your house, one that’s just as important to maintain as is your main living space.

But for the crew at Sahara Crawlspaces, it’s practically second nature to wonder about the health of a house from the ground up. Having watched and assisted his father in framing houses – not to mention all of the general home improvement projects he helped him complete when he was off the clock – Forrest Tabor learned at a young age that when it came to construction and the upkeep of a house, everything from the state of the attic to the ground below contributed to a healthy living situation.

It was after taking on a summer job at his uncle’s company, Keenan Construction, that Forrest really got to apply and learn even more about the practical skills that go into building homes the right way from the beginning. He saw a genuine need for properly constructed and maintained crawlspaces in homes in the Wilmington area, and started Sahara Crawlspaces after almost eight years of professional inspection experience.

The Sahara Crawlspace crew is made up of dedicated professionals that share Forrest’s beliefs regarding planning ahead and doing things correctly from the very beginning. Together, they use the best techniques and the most current knowledge in the industry to control moisture, avoid issues with pests and other side effects of a neglected crawlspace, and recommend the best possible solutions for repairing the damage that’s already accumulated below a house’s main floor.

If you live in the Wilmington area and own a home with a crawlspace, don’t forget that it’s the very first layer to your house and needs just as much attention as the rest! Contact Sahara Crawlspaces for all your maintenance and installation needs, including sanitization, vapor barrier and dehumidifier work, and floor and wall board insulation.

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