Why Hire a Pro for Your Crawlspace?

When it comes to inspecting a crawlspace, some homeowners think that while not necessarily pleasant, the task is one that they can accomplish on their own, or perhaps they may not recognize the true importance of this less than desirable area and it falls to the bottom of the to-do list.

Here at Sahara Crawlspaces, we encourage all homeowners to take the safer route and let a professional do the dirty work!

But it isn’t just that the job itself can get a little dirty; a crawlspace can impact many areas of your home and health and should not be left as the last DIY project on your list.  From buckling hardwood floors, to poor air flow, and even potential mold or fungus coming up into your home, a clean and well-functioning crawlspace is crucial to the life of your house. Trained technicians like ours are better prepared for all the surprises the very basic level of your home can throw at you, and can take the necessary steps toward keeping your house a safe and healthy place for you and yours.

Safety First

Before you dive down under your house and start poking around, remember that your crawlspace houses a lot more than an extra level between the larger structure and the ground. Oftentimes, crawlspaces also provide additional access points for electrical wiring, plumbing, and ducts. The aftermath of previous under-the-home repairs (nails, glass, brick, etc) most times still remains in the crawlspace. If you are not trained to work around these kinds of components, you might want to rethink venturing below your home. Otherwise, both you and your house could fall victim to an accident or rookie mistake. If you do find yourself tackling the crawlspace on your own, always wear a mask, headlamp, knee pads, and gloves.


If you haven’t spent much time in crawlspaces before moving into your current place of residence, it’s likely that even if you did wander down below the first floor, you wouldn’t know what to look for and could miss some important warning signs. There are some obvious symptoms of a larger issue, but what about all the subtle tells that things aren’t as they should be in this important space? Things like knowing the moisture reading of the wood support beams, inspecting for subtle signs of pests or rodents inhabiting the space, and under code insulation are all things a crawlspace technician will look for. And since the health of your home, and therefore of everyone living in it, is at stake, it makes sense to have a pair of professional eyes addressing all possible concerns. The Sahara Crawlspace team has many years of experience and a thorough checklist of things to be on the lookout for while inspecting below your home. Our inspections are even recorded via a GoPro camera so you see exactly how we inspect the space.

Time and Efficiency

Besides keeping yourself out of harm’s way and ensuring the accuracy  of a crawlspace inspection, hiring a professional to come check out the space can in fact save you a lot of time and money. A trained technician not only has a tried and true method of efficiently inspecting your crawlspace, but can also order the best performing products on the market that a homeowner won’t find at a typical hardware store. For example, the dehumidifiers you purchase at Home Depot are not the same ones we will recommend. They are too small and cannot keep up with the work needed under the house for any long period of time. In fact, millions of the dehumidifiers found in hardware stores have been recalled due to fires started by improper use and installation. Ensuring you have the most efficient products under your home will help your crawlspace function properly in the long run,  and will save you from having to come back to re-address things later. We feel you should be able to trust the products under your home since you can’t always see them.

Whether it’s your first home with a crawlspace or your tenth, Sahara Crawlspaces encourages every homeowner to hire a trusted professional for each inspection. If your home’s lowest level is in need of a check-up, contact us to schedule an appointment!

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