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Crawlspace Inspections

Sahara Crawlspaces technicians will inspect your home’s crawlspace diligently and make custom recommendations on the best ways to keep it dry and working efficiently. You will not find a one-size-fits all sales presentation, nor will we always recommend the most expensive services. Instead, we will share with you our findings via our GoPro camera so that you see exactly what we see. We promise to provide a realistic proposal with a cost effective plan.

Some signs it’s time to inspect your crawlspace conditions:

  • Buckling or uneven floors
  • Excessive allergies or mold sensitivities
  • Musty odors in and under home
  • Visible mold near vents
  • Recurring pest issues
  • HVAC struggling to “keep up”
  • Powdery marks on foundation walls (called alluvium)
  • Fallen or sagging insulation
  • Condensation covering air ducts, pipes, subfloor and insulation
  • Fungal buildup on wooden components of subfloor

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