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Vapor Barrier Installation for Crawlspaces

Uncovered soil under a home releases water vapor constantly at varying rates throughout the year. Studies show there is a possibility of up to 19 gallons a day evaporating into the crawlspace area. Using quality material, a properly installed vapor barrier will reduce ground water evaporation significantly and in some cases, solve a customer’s moisture problem. Learn more about vapor barriers and their installation.

Dehumidifier Installation for Crawlspaces

High humidity in crawlspaces can cause many issues and in some cases be devastating to a homeowner. Energy insufficiencies, conducive conditions for pests, fungal and mold growth, wood rot, rusted metal components and high levels of condensation on air ducts, plumbing and wiring are very common issues in a humid southeastern crawlspace.  When a vapor barrier isn’t enough to control the moisture, a dehumidifier will be required. At Sahara Crawlspaces, we use Seaira Global’s top quality crawlspace-designed commercial-grade dehumidifiers to strain your crawlspace of excess moisture and regulate the environment under your home. Our dehumidifiers are specifically designed to be in the crawlspace, are certified and tested to accommodate large areas and come in a variety of designs to accommodate your crawlspace. Learn more about dehumidifiers and their installation.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Crawlspaces

Mold, fungus, sewage leaks, dead animals, odors; all things that can make one heck of a smell and even be a health hazard inside of a home. With our signature “Fresh Air Finish,” Sahara Crawlspaces destroys all of the bacteria in your crawl space while also leaving every job smelling fresh. By using a botanical disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria while at the same time being less toxic than vinegar, Sahara Crawlspaces ensures our customers that they are not only enjoying a dry crawlspace but also a safe one. Benefect® Botanical Disinfectant is the first and only Botanical Hospital Disinfectant and Fungicide registered with the E.P.A. for control against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Using the natural oils found in Thyme,  Benefect® has been proven to eliminate such bacteria and viruses found in staph, tuberculosis and even HIV. The most surprising part about Benefect® might be that even though this product can destroy some of the worst bacteria known to man, it’s so gentle that it can lawfully be applied without wearing gloves, goggles or masks.

Sump Pump Installation for Crawlspaces

Standing water in a crawlspace is never something an inspector or homeowner wants to see. Intrusion, high water tables and plumbing leaks are all causes of standing water issues in the crawlspace. When dealing with large quantities of unwanted water under a home, a sump pump can be used to escort the excess water outside of the foundation wall. Sump pumps are installed by digging a large hole in the earth and placing it in a basin. Rock is placed around the outside of the basin to filter out large pieces of sediment. The basin itself is covered in a thin membrane to filter out fine particles. This practice helps to insure that only water enters the basin and helps reduce the amount of sediment accumulation.

Floor Insulation for Crawlspaces

Tired of paying too much on your power bill? Are your floors ice cold in the winter? R-19 batted floor insulation is a great way to solve both of these issues. By installing the correct R value of insulation in the crawlspace, a homeowner increases the energy efficiency of their home. Floor insulation also helps with the acoustics in a home and may be be requested as a repair on the sale of your home.

Wall Board Insulation Installation for Crawlspaces

New technology is something we always try to embrace at Sahara Crawlspaces. Foam board insulation has become quite popular recently for several reasons. Wall board is usually more cost effective than floor insulation and allows for better visibility under a home for all types of inspections. At Sahara Crawlspaces, we install Bora Foam™ to foundation walls for not only a great insulative value, but to provide a product that is resistant to termites instead of encouraging an infestation like standard foam can do. Wall board insulation may not be for every crawlspace, so make sure you schedule a free estimate to see if this product is right for your home.

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