Standing Water & Solutions

Have a standing water problem in your home? Our methods to solving water issues starts with determining where the water is coming from and designing a custom plan to rout it out.  We offer several solutions to remove standing water from your home.


Sump Pumps
When dealing with large quantities of unwanted water under a home, a sump pump can be used to escort the excess water outside of the foundation wall. Sump pumps are installed by digging a large hole in the earth and placing it in a basin. Rock is placed around the outside of the basin to filter out large pieces of sediment. This practice helps to insure that water can enter the basin without sediment. Sometimes a sump pump is all a home might need to solve a standing water issue, however, some problems require more solutions.


French Drains

French drains are a type of drain designed to redirect water towards a desired location. When working in a crawlspace, you will usually find a sump pump at the end of these drains. French drains are pieces of piping that are perforated to allow water in throughout the length of the pipe. The pipes are buried in the earth and surrounded by gravel or rock. This method allows water to enter the pipes without sediment. When installed with the proper grading, french drains are an excellent way to direct water towards the sump pump where it can be completely removed from the crawlspace.


Drainage Matting

One product that is newer to the market is a material called Drainage Matting. Drainage matting is often used in place of french drains. This material is installed between the vapor barrier and earth and allows water to naturally move towards the low points of the crawlspace instead of being pinned to the ground by the vapor barrier. Drainage matting not only helps the water get to the sump pump, it also adds to the overall Mil or thickness of the vapor barrier and provides a much cleaner and polished final product.

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