Sahara Crawlspaces creates the foundation for healthy living.

Let us provide you with your own personal oasis, right at home.

A clean crawlspace supports the overall health of your home.

Did you know that 40% of the air you breathe within your home comes from your crawlspace? Just because we don’t go in our crawlspaces on a regular basis (or ever!) does not mean we shouldn’t take care of it like we do the rest of our house. In fact, caring for this part of your home may be more important than you think. A dry, arid crawlspace helps protect the value and health of your home and ensures your family is breathing in the best air possible on a regular basis. With our highly trained technicians, accurate equipment, and industry expertise, Sahara Crawlspaces can lend a hand in creating a peaceful, clean environment for you and your family.


A dry crawlspace prevents mold growth and wood rot. Schedule an inspection today.


Improve your quality of life from the ground up.

All that separates you from your crawlspace is your floor; keep the air clean and pure to protect what matters most.

Our technicians will inspect your home’s crawlspace diligently and make custom recommendations on the best ways to keep it dry and working efficiently for the health of your home. You will not find a one-size-fits all sales presentation, nor will we always recommend the most expensive services. Instead, we will share with you our findings via our GoPro camera so that you’ll see exactly what we do during our initial assessment. We promise to provide a realistic proposal with a cost effective plan to suit your budget so that you can quickly get to enjoying drier, cleaner air.

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